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In this Video Blog Post I'm talking how to coach the squat. Coaching the squat is probably one of the most common things we do as trainers and therapists but do you really know how to do this and what about when you get someone who does a squat and it looks horrible CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


TSPP 026: Gym Mistakes with Dan Meek and Tom Hall

In todays episode I talk to the guys from the push, pull, legs podcast about gym mistakes and things that people can do to minimise these and maximise their performance in the gym. Enjoy! When going to the gym there are certain gym mistakes that lots of people make that can be avoided to maximise… CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

TSPP 025: Physio Business with Steph Smith

In this episode I talk to Stephanie Smith about all things Physio Business. It’s slightly different from our normal clinical based chat but I think it is a really important concept and one that we get taught nothing about in our physio training. Enjoy! As physio’s in private practice who are running a physio business… CLICK HERE TO GO TO POST

Personal Training Assessment (Movement)

When you get a new client one of the first things that it is vital to do is a personal training assessment in order to gauge where they currently are in terms of their condition both physically and mentally. In this Video Blog I will demonstrate a basic Personal Training Assessment for a clients movement… CLICK HERE TO GO TO POST

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