Manual Therapy Myths Podcast

In this weeks podcast episode I talk about a fantastic article on manual therapy, which dispels some of the myths around manual palpation and I narrate through the article adding my own thoughts at various points.

The article itself can be found HERE:- Written by: Dr. Bahram Jam, PT

This weeks talking point is patient compliance and how we can improve this through a couple of simple strategies.

Key learning points

  • Why you should not feel inferior if you cannot detect specific spinal segments
  • Why it is ok to use manual therapy but to question the way you think about what you are doing
  • 10 big myths that people often propose regarding manual therapy
  • Why patient compliance can be very frustrating
  • How we can make small tweaks to our care to improve patient compliance
  • Why patient compliance is so important

Manual therapy has many myths and misconceptions and there is a great deal of quakery that goes along with it.

Dont feel as though you have to throw out manual therapy after listening to the podcast. I use manual therapy all the time and it can have extremely positive effects on patients and ultimately is a huge part of my clinical practice.

Having said that I worry less and less about the specificity of my manual techniques now due to the overwhelming evidence which is cited in this article that ways in which we thought about manual therapy are flawed and downright wrong!

What interests me is how we take this dichotomy of the fact that we see manual therapy improving practice but yet know the evidence doesn’t support it being specific.

I feel that we need to research why it is that manual therapy is effective and look more into how we can select patients better in terms of them positively responding to manual therapy.

It is a fascinating topic which I hope we continue to delve into.

Hopefully you really enjoyed the podcast

I look forward to the next episode and if you have any thoughts on the podcast please leave comments in the box below and share the blog post with any friends who may benefit from it.

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Have a great week and I will talk to you soon

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About the Author

Chris Lendrum is a physio and strength coach working out of The Third Space gym in London. He is a specialist in human movement and rehabilitation and likes to work with clients to restore correct movement patterns and eliminate pain before progressing them on to strength training for optimal health.

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Carrie Newbold - March 29, 2017 Reply

Really loved this episode. Well done to you and Bahram for their paper.

Russell - October 31, 2017 Reply

Awesome podcast. It’s refreshing to hear a fellow expert shed much needed light on the topics.

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