TSPP 031: Does Aerobic Training Affect Resistance Training and what is functional training?

Hi Guys,

Welcome to 2017! We hope that this year is going to be a great year with plenty of content for the podcast.

The first podcast is on aerobic training and its affect on resistance training along with a discussion on what functional training is and whether you should be promoting functional training or not.

Learning points

  • Does aerobic training affect resistance training
  • Thoughts on other studies that would be interesting around combining aerobic training with resistance training
  • What would we prescribe for our patients
  • What is functional training?
  • Should we always include “functional exercises” in rehab
  • Examples of functional exercises and limitations of these
  • Examples of useful functional exercises
  • Thoughts on challenging the status quo with exercise selection

I hope you enjoyed the first podcast of the year!

We are hoping to get lots of guests on this year and have a more consistent year with the podcasts this year than we did last year.

We really do appreciate your support and your time you take listening to the podcast and hope that you enjoy the podcasts and find them useful and interesting to listen to.

If you do I would really appreciate a 5 star review and a few comments on iTunes so that the podcast can get more listeners and we can educate more people. Ultimately this will mean more guests coming on along with more information for the listeners. You can do this by clicking below:


About the Author

Chris Lendrum is a physio and strength coach working out of The Third Space gym in London. He is a specialist in human movement and rehabilitation and likes to work with clients to restore correct movement patterns and eliminate pain before progressing them on to strength training for optimal health.

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