TSPP 033: Trunk Stability for Knee Pain And Gurus On The Internet Podcast

Hi Guys,

This episode about takes another research bytes article, where we talk about trunk stability training in patellofemoral pain patients.

I then go on to talk about Gurus on the internet and the debate that surrounds them online, after I found myself sucked in to reading a few facebook post comments sections for about 15 minutes!!


Leave any comments below and let me know what your thoughts are on gurus and debate on the internet.

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Have a great day and keep learning!



About the Author

Chris Lendrum is a physio and strength coach working out of The Third Space gym in London. He is a specialist in human movement and rehabilitation and likes to work with clients to restore correct movement patterns and eliminate pain before progressing them on to strength training for optimal health.

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Gemma Gibaud - February 9, 2017 Reply

Really interesting and informative poDcast! Thanks

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